Wearable Technology

A market
that is continually evolving, the wearable technology industry has seen much
recent advancement. Here are some of the latest wearable technology


Developed by IK Multimedia the iRing is a gesture based
wearable device that allows the user to create different musical sounds.
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Wearable technology

Already hailed as the future of consumer electronics, wearable technology is an industry set to be worth over $30 billion in just four years’ time with leading manufacturers Google, Samsung and Apple all clamouring to be a part of this digital revolution. 
Some of the early wearable technology devices arriving in the market place include:
Augmented Reality Glasses
Smart Watches

Augmented Reality Glasses

Wearable tech in the form of augmented reality glasses, Google glass allows its users to take pictures and record videos, access the internet and send messages- basically everything a smartphone can do.
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