How many characters?

Social media often restricts the number of characters that can be added to a post, update or profile.

If you’re a company using these digital tools, you need to be able to create biographies, profiles and more in very sort sentences.… Read more -->

Twitter webinar

Do you have a Twitter account? Looking for help on how to use it for business?

We have create a webinar aimed at those who know already have a Twitter account but want some more detailed information about how to use it.… Read more -->

Followers on Twitter

We’ve started using Twitter, how do we decide who to follow?

I’ve been using Twitter for over a year and it’s really gathered momentum in April in the UK as people started seeing how useful it could be.… Read more -->

Twitter strategy for UK Government Departments

Neil Williams, head of corporate digital channels at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has prepared a strategy on how to use Twitter for Government departments.… Read more -->

Ways to increase sales

It’s funny how when sales decrease the phone starts ringing! People we have never spoken to before suddenly want to talk to us.Read more -->

Love your brand, love Twitter

We asked a PR agency recently about using Twitter and this is their response – we’ve published in full as it’s quite useful!Read more -->