Social media vs PPC advertising

PPC vs social media advertising

Read about the difference between social media vs PPC advertising


What’s the difference between social media adverts and PPC?

There’s a time and a place for all skills in the digital marketing toolbox, and knowing when to use them is the key to success.… Read more -->

Speech recognition and conversational commerce

Discover the emerging conversational commerce.


Alexa play some relaxing music!

You might have noticed the increase in speech recognition systems.… Read more -->

Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing

Artificial Intelligence

Read about artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing.


Are artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing the same?

Artificial intelligence (AI) embraces machine learning and cognitive computing, but they are not the same.… Read more -->

UK top brands

Discover the surprising changes in the YouGov Brand Index.


YouGov is a UK market research company which measures and explores different aspects of life on the UK.… Read more -->

11 Valentine’s advertising insights

11 advertising insights for Valentine’s day


The team at Adroll shared this infographic to see where the money goes on Valentine’s day.… Read more -->

Agile marketing essentials

Discover the 4 key ingredients of agile marketing.


Agile marketing is the ability to move fast, anticipate and react to customers’ needs and socially share the message.… Read more -->

Specialist social media

Discover specialist social media platforms.

Mainstream social media include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we are seeing several specialist social media platforms gain some traction. Specialist social media platforms enable organisations to better understand the specific needs of very targeted groups and can be useful to identify product opportunities and service ideas, as well as the degree to which competitors are working in the same field.… Read more -->

4 ways to use Virtual Reality for Business

Courtesy of AUDI AG

The greatest change in the digital business world is virtual reality (VR).

Digital transformation has changed everything and for budding and accomplished entrepreneurs, it’s had a greater effect in the business world.… Read more -->

How to gain subscribers on Snapchat


Discover how to gain subscribers on Snap.

Snapchat, now known as Snap, has 150 million subscribers, mainly younger people (Generation C – the ‘C’ is for content).… Read more -->

2017 social media map

Discover the 2017 social media map.

Each year Overdrive have been producing social media maps. Typically, they are released mid-year and show the evolution of social media in terms of new networks, platforms and tools.… Read more -->