Essentials of Filter Bubbles

Filter bubble is a term that has been used frequently over the last few years, usually in relation to political events.… Read more -->

Digital Marketing in China Part 2














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Facebook Changes


The largest Western social media platform Facebook is making changes to address privacy issues and fake news.

Facebook has made a lot of headlines over the last few years and not for the reasons that they would like.… Read more -->

Firms Quitting Social Media in UK

Big brands leaving social media in the UK, honest departure or publicity stunt?

Cosmetics brand Lush announced earlier this year the apparently shocking decision that they were quitting social media in the UK.… Read more -->

China’s Biggest Social Media Networks

WeChat and Weibo are China’s Biggest Social Media Hits, actually they are becoming the world’s biggest social media networks.

Over 2.3

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Social media facts #infographic

The team at have sent us this infographic containing essential facts on social media.

Presented by
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Review of social media in 2015

social media review

How has social media changed in 2015?

As we’re coming towards the end of 2015, we’ve decided to take a look at how social media has changed over the year and the importance of integrating paid media into your digital marketing strategy.… Read more -->

Twitter cards – what and how

Twitter card

Twitter cards deliver 43% more engagement than regular ads

Have you tried Twitter ads? Their new cards claim greater engagement than regular ads.… Read more -->

Yik Yak and the secret web

Yik Yak

Shh it’s a secret! New social networks using traditional tools to reach new markets.

It’s not hush-hush that the social media powerhouses of Twitter and Facebook, with their algorithmically fine-tuned campaign structures, can offer a number of great, tried and tested solutions to individuals and businesses looking to promote themselves online.… Read more -->

Using Google+ to promote your business

Google+ has been a topic of conversation for a while, back in 2012 we discussed the reasons why Google+ is good for business use and looked at the benefits is can bring for businesses

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