5 Things to Consider to Maximise the Exposure of an Online Press Release

Online press releases differ from
traditional press releases in many ways, but the most important differentiating
factors come in when it comes to maximising the content exposure. 

releases allow for much more to be done by the creator to optimise exposure,
whereas the creator is more or less helpless once a traditional release is
written and sent out.

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Tips for Getting Maximum Exposure for an Online Press Release

Online press releases are commonly used to
market and promote websites and online services, and the creation and
distribution of an online press release is much easier than that of a traditional
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Search Engine Optimisation – more myths

We’ve heard from more companies that have been contacted regarding SEO to blind them with science. “we can get you to number 1 on Google”, “we know someone at Google and can get you to number 1”, “if you don’t act now, your website will disappear”.Read more -->