Status Updates on LinkedIn

A status update on LinkedIn is a way of sharing news with your connections or making an announcement.

Here are a few ideas for status updates

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New Year, New Job?

Happy New Year!

Are you looking for a new job in marketing or research this year? Here are some tips:

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Quick Win Digital Marketing

QUICK WIN DIGITAL MARKETING, our new book will be available to buy on 10th October 2009. Quick Win Digital Marketing is the second book in the Quick Win Series; Annmarie Hanlon’s Quick Win Marketing book is available to buy from Oak Tree Press and online stores and has had great reviews.… Read more -->

Become a Fan of Evonomie on Facebook Competition

In order to get a Facebook page for your company, eg you need to:

Have a Facebook page that was live before 31 May 2009 and has 1,000 or more fans


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Digital marketing questions

Digital marketing which is also known as Internet marketing, i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing, is about marketing products or services over the Internet.… Read more -->

Securing Usernames for Facebook

How do I get a name for my Facebook Page?

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Quick Win Marketing

Quick Win Marketing is now published.

Quick Win Marketing is aimed at entrepreneurs and business managers wanting to start, grow or revitalise a business and companies launching new services or products in the UK or Ireland.… Read more -->

It’s purple!

This is the final cover of the book, Quick Win Marketing, it’s now gone to the printers!
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Quick Win Marketing

Quick Win Marketing gives you answers to your top 100 marketing questions.
Due to be published soon, the Publisher has just sent through this rough of the cover.
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