Mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing & Mobile App Fails of 2018

Mobile is a highly personal form of advertising, so it feels particularly intrusive and annoying when the advertising is badly targeted or poorly conceived.… Read more -->

4 top mobile marketing tips

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Mobile marketing with ads

Mobile marketingRead how to get started with mobile marketing with ads.

There are 7.4 billion mobiles worldwide in a population of 7.2 billion!… Read more -->

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing strategy – do you have one?

95 per cent of UK adults and 92 per cent of American adults own a mobile phone, enabling them to tweet at any time.… Read more -->

IFTTT for social media automation

IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, is an automation tool that connects two services together so that an action from one service triggers an action on another.

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Mobile Marketing: The Past, Present and Future

When Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone in 1973 I
bet he never would have imagined the scale of growth in both the technology and
our society’s dependency on this that is apparent today.
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SoLoMo: The What, Why and How

Like many others you may of heard the term ‘SoLoMo’ uttered
among the crowd but never actually understood what it meant, only that it was
the new craze that is taking the advertising, sales and marketing world by
storm.… Read more -->