Twitter Stats

What are the latest Twitter numbers?

  • 100 million users per day
  • 50 million users login daily
  • 250 million tweets per day
  • 2400 advertisers (there were just 6 eighteen months’ ago)

Twitter products
Promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends

Twitter pricing
Auction style, fill in a form on their site and they get back to you

Watch the interview with Adam Bain, Chief Revenue Officer and Business Insider CEO and Editor Henry Blodger:
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Social media rules

We keep hearing about Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and social networking for business. How do we get it right first time?

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Twitter and customer care

Much has been commented about the use of Twitter and customer care. One example often quoted is BT. It does look good, it feels good and the impression is that there are a team of BT staff waiting to address your every need.… Read more -->

Twitter changes

Twitter is growing rapidly and I mean rapidly.

In June we started a new book, Quick Win Digital Marketing (available October) and at the time we found statistics for Twitter that claimed 6 million Users.… Read more -->

Measuring Twitter effectiveness and gaining your Twitter Statistics

There are several tools to help you monitor your effectiveness on Twitter.
Twinfluence calculates two types of ranks – one assigning an absolute rank (#1!) compared to all analyzed twitterers to date, and one that assigns a value and category relative to other twitterers that have more or less the same number of followers as you.… Read more -->