Tools for emerging trends in marketing

We’re aware of Google Trends and Keynote for providing research.

If you’re seeking ways to predict the future in your business, there are alternatives:

Read about how to use Twitter for Market Research  via @FirasAlkhaffaf

Explore the social wish list with Nuji as this website can show what’s popular on and off the high street.… Read more -->

10 ways to trade through slower times

1. Businesses which continue marketing efforts through a downturn, come out better at the other end, so continue with all marketing plans.… Read more -->

Marketing Awards

I’m looking for some marketing awards – can you point me in the right direction?

Yes, the CIM provide a list along with closing dates.… Read more -->

Plato – Create your marketing plan – Useful links

General business / marketing info and tips

Lists of companies

Non Disclosure Agreements

Business training… Read more -->

Studying Marketing

Where can I study for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications?

The CIM provides details of its accredited study centres on its website at… Read more -->

Why should we have a marketing plan?

One of our advisors has suggested that we need a marketing plan. We’ve never had one before, why should we bother?Read more -->

What is marketing?

Marketing is many things to many people.

There are many definitions of marketing and many people are confused by the term.… Read more -->