Why growing businesses should not ignore Visual Search

Read why growing businesses should not ignore visual search.

Have you ever tried to explain an image or concept, but find that you couldn’t come up with the right words?

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Voice Search and Smart Speakers are Changing how People Search

Read how voice search and smart speakers are changing how people search.


In 2016, when Google introduced its Google Home smart speaker, CEO Sundar Pichai noted that 20% of mobile searches were voice-based.

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Tools for emerging trends in marketing

We’re aware of Google Trends and Keynote for providing research.

If you’re seeking ways to predict the future in your business, there are alternatives:

Read about how to use Twitter for Market Research  via @FirasAlkhaffaf

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10 ways to trade through slower times

1. Businesses which continue marketing efforts through a downturn, come out better at the other end, so continue with all marketing plans.… Read more -->

Marketing Awards

I’m looking for some marketing awards – can you point me in the right direction?

Yes, the CIM provide a list along with closing dates.… Read more -->

Plato – Create your marketing plan – Useful links

General business / marketing info and tips

Lists of companies

Non Disclosure Agreements

Business training

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Studying Marketing

Where can I study for the Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualifications?

The CIM provides details of its accredited study centres on its website at http://www.cim.co.uk/cim/dev/html/couQuaAcc.cfm.… Read more -->

Why should we have a marketing plan?

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What is marketing?

Marketing is many things to many people.

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