Action Planning – 7 tips for business plans

Does your business have a plan?  This is often the time of year when many
businesses start to think about creating a plan for the next 12 months.
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The Pros and Cons of Mind Mapping for Marketers

Mind mapping is the technique of visually mapping out
thought processes or ideas. The technique is popular for brainstorming, problem
solving, planning and note taking, and is a great way to clearly share the
creative processes.
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Marketing planning

Today the Olympic Games in Beijing are opened and in September 2003 their marketing plan was launched!

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How long should a marketing plan last?

We’re developing our first marketing plan and wondered how long it should last?

A marketing plan addresses many different issues [see marketing planning] and when you have conducted a through review of your competitors, you may not need to do this again unless there is a significant change.… Read more -->

Do we need marketing help?

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What is involved in the marketing planning process?

All the info about marketing plans is useful, but what is actually involved in the marketing planning process?

In order to create the marketing plan, there are a number of stages that an organisation needs to go through which begins with looking at the organisation’s mission statement and corporate objectives – this provides an overall look at what the company is trying to achieve.… Read more -->

Why should we have a marketing plan?

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