10 ways to trade through slower times

1. Businesses which continue marketing efforts through a downturn, come out better at the other end, so continue with all marketing plans.… Read more -->

Loyalty Ladder

What is a Loyalty Ladder?

A Loyalty Ladder is a customer relationship model. It is a way of segmenting your customers and then developing communications which appeal to them.… Read more -->

Customer Relationship Models

I need some examples of customer relationship models, can you help me?

There are a number of customer relationship models:

  • Loyalty Ladder (Peck et al) relating to customers or clients moving up a ladder (of importance) – Partner, Advocate, Supporter, Customer, Purchaser, Prospect
  • IDIC Approach (Peppers D and Rogers M) – Most Valuable Customers, Second Tier Customers / Most Growable Customers, Below Zero Customer
  • CRM Cycle (Chaffey D and Smith PR) – Attract, Capture Data, Get Close, Embrace Them, Golden Handcuffs
  • The 30 Relationships of Relationship Management (Gummesson) – Classic, Special, Mega, Nano
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