SoLoMo: 7 Things To Consider

SoLoMo is the newest trends to sweep the marketing world and
is based on three key factors: social media, location-targeted advertising and
geo-tagging, and mobile device usage.
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SoLoMo: The What, Why and How

Like many others you may of heard the term ‘SoLoMo’ uttered
among the crowd but never actually understood what it meant, only that it was
the new craze that is taking the advertising, sales and marketing world by
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Location Based Marketing tools, the essentials on Gowalla and Foursquare

Much has been written about Location Based Marketing tools, and it’s fair to say that many people still aren’t aware of what’s there.Read more -->

Gowalla – a lonely planet written by your friends?

Gowalla is positioned as a social version of lonely planet, a travel guide written by your friends.

You arrive at a venue, check in, see who’s there, what local information is available and get a badge as a memento of your visit.… Read more -->

My Foursquare Experiment

Foursquare is a mash-up between an online loyalty card and geo-social networking tool.Read more -->