Telemarketing in Ireland?

We need a telemarketing company in Ireland. Any suggestions?

Direct marketing in Ireland is interesting as there are no postcodes, this means that the larger mailing companies have not started the hefty campaigns that countries like the UK experience.… Read more -->

Wanted – marketing students in Ireland

We have a number of clients in Ireland who are seeking marketing students who are keen to implement their marketing theory.Read more -->

1 million + broadband users in Ireland

According to the Irish research company Amárach Ireland is enjoying a broadband boom at present.

Their latest research states that

  • Broadband is now the dominant means of access to the net among home internet users
  • One million+ internet users in Ireland mean that Irish SMEs and entrepreneurs have a sufficiently large home market to launch new online applications and services

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Female finances in Ireland

Amárach the Irish research company had conducted research into Female Finances. Amárach carried out the work for Halifax and were looking into the future of Ireland’s personal wealth and identified four distinct groups of female consumers in relation to money and finances as follows:

Source: Amárach Survey for Halifax, 2007

Livin’ it Up Linda
One in four women (25%) fall into the Livin’ it Up Linda mindset, these women are under 25 and have a third level education.… Read more -->