Major Changes to the Google Algorithm Since 2015

Since the launch of Google in 1988, the company has spent a massive amount resources on continually refining and improving its flagship product, Google Search.… Read more -->

Google Digital Garage

Digital skills are still lacking in UK business.

Almost 30% of small businesses find that high training costs are preventing them from developing their skills, even though over 50% feel that digital technology will play an increasingly important role in the future success of their business.… Read more -->

Using Google+ to promote your business

Google+ has been a topic of conversation for a while, back in 2012 we discussed the reasons why Google+ is good for business use and looked at the benefits is can bring for businesses

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How to use Hashtags as part of your marketing strategy

adopted by Twitter users as a way of categorizing messages, placing the hashtag
symbol before a relevant keyword or phrase turns them into searchable links that
bring together all posts containing the marked word or phrase.

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IFTTT for social media automation

IFTTT, an acronym for If This Then That, is an automation tool that connects two services together so that an action from one service triggers an action on another.

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Our Favourite Alternatives to Google Reader

Google Reader is sadly shutting down, but that doesn’t mean
you have to miss out on updates from your favourite feeds and online reads.
Read more --> and URL Shorteners

Google has launched URL shortener. It is not available as a stand alone service but is available to use with the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner.… Read more -->

Search Engine Optimisation – more myths

We’ve heard from more companies that have been contacted regarding SEO to blind them with science. “we can get you to number 1 on Google”, “we know someone at Google and can get you to number 1”, “if you don’t act now, your website will disappear”.Read more -->

Link building – exploding the myths

One of our directors has received a proposal from a SEO company to get our website generating leads for a variety of search engine key-phrases which are of commercial value to us.Read more -->

Paid links

Our SEO company has suggested that we buy links to improve our website’s popularity. So our question is, should we get paid links?Read more -->