Managing a Facebook community

Resources to Manage a Business Facebook Page

Discover the resources required to manage an online community.


For a small business that’s owned and operated by a single person, managing a Facebook account tends to be relatively simple.… Read more -->

Online communities – Facebook

Discover how online Facebook communities work.

Facebook marketing has become a popular digital marketing strategy among small businesses, but there are some pitfalls.… Read more -->

Facebook Deals and Foursquare – what’s happening?

I’m predicting the death of Foursquare by the end of this year.

In January I held my own Foursquare experiment and I checked-in everywhere I visited for four weeks.… Read more -->

Facebook Developments and the Future

At the Social Media World Forum I listened to David Parfect from Facebook. He’s the UK Sales Manager and shared how Facebook is working for companies.Read more -->

Facebook – all the changes, step by step guide

Facebook has just changed Fan or Company pages. I’ve prepared this step by step guide to show the changes and the action you need to take if you manage Facebook Pages and are wondering what’s happening.… Read more -->

Facebook changes

Facebook has added greater functionality to its advertising programme. This includes:

Monitor and measure
You can now track the activity that happens on your website or other URL as a result of someone seeing or clicking on your Facebook Ad via Conversion tracking.… Read more -->

Facebook tips for businesses

We’re thinking of using Facebook in our business, any hints or guidelines?

1. Secure your company name e.g. rather than more -->