Facebook – the world’s largest advertiser?


Facebook’s success is based on continued growth in advertising revenue.


Is Facebook the world’s largest advertiser? It’s in the top list and for Facebook users, the platform is all about social interaction.… Read more -->

What makes a viral video?

When a video becomes
viral it means that it has gained its popularity through internet sharing,  including email sharing,
social media and video sharing sites such as Youtube.

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Facebook changes

Facebook has added greater functionality to its advertising programme. This includes:

Monitor and measure
You can now track the activity that happens on your website or other URL as a result of someone seeing or clicking on your Facebook Ad via Conversion tracking.… Read more -->

Facebook privacy

Facebook is in the news again as it has agreed to let third party advertisers use your posted photos WITHOUT your permission.Read more -->

Facebook advertising

This is an example of a ‘banned’ ad in Facebook! It’s ironic in this digital age where we use texting and abbreviated words with less punctuation that Facebook insist on great punctuation!… Read more -->