5 tips for effective email subject lines

Email works. Especially when using an effective subject line, to an existing audience.

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Buying email lists? 3 critical factors

Email marketing
Discover how to avoid common pitfalls when buying email lists

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Email Marketing Metrics: How to measure the success of your email marketing campaigns

A good email marketing campaign can have a significant impact on the results of your marketing efforts, but each campaign needs to be accurately monitored to determine its success rate.

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8 Tips to Optimise Your Email Marketing

Although some of the newer and exciting tools have tended to
overshadow email marketing recently, it is not a method that should be
overlooked or underestimated.
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Email Marketing: Tools and Best Practices

Some of the most recent trends in
digital marketing including social media have left more ‘traditional’ methods
such as email marketing gathering dust on the top shelf.
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Monkeys that make life simple

I work with a tribe of monkeys. That’s not an insult to my co-workers, but the simple truth.

The monkeys in my life include:

  • MailChimp
  • SurveyMonkey
  • Parcel Monkey

Mailchimp is a great way to send many emails at the same time.… Read more -->


Email marketing is often perceived as being free. That’s not strictly true as it takes time to organise and manage.

I am often asked
•    How do we go about email marketing?… Read more -->