Four key questions to consider for successful digital transformation

For successful digital transformation, there are four key questions to consider. The team from Arthur D. Little have shared their insights in this post.… Read more -->

Digital Transformation failures

Digital Transformation failures and what you can learn from them.


In the digital age, organisations that are unable to achieve a successful transformation are losing profitability just as badly as those that continue to ignore the digital imperative.… Read more -->

Successful Examples of Digital Transformation

Discover successful Examples of Digital Transformation.

Digital technology changes the world and the people in it. It changes the way people behave, and this in turn alters their expectations from the world around them.… Read more -->

The Amazon Story, from Books to Food and Fast Fashion

The Amazon story from books to food and fast fashion.

The story of how Amazon became the world’s largest online retailer is a fascinating one.… Read more -->

Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing

Artificial Intelligence

Read about artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing.


Are artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing the same?

Artificial intelligence (AI) embraces machine learning and cognitive computing, but they are not the same.… Read more -->

Contact centre adopts verbal content analytics

Homeserve runs major contact centres helping people with
domestic appliance issue (when your washing machines stops working, you call
for an engineer, if you have their insurance).
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