5 reasons to use Emojis

The use of emojis is growing, Whether you’re using smiley faces 🙂 or our favourites, little bats ^^^0^^^ the use of these text based symbols is growing.
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The Pros and Cons of Mind Mapping for Marketers

Mind mapping is the technique of visually mapping out
thought processes or ideas. The technique is popular for brainstorming, problem
solving, planning and note taking, and is a great way to clearly share the
creative processes.
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3 Digital Marketing Campaigns That Broke The Mould

Digital marketing was once seen as just another passing
trend among the world of marketing, but as technology grew and became further
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3 Digital Marketing Campaigns By UK Companies and What Made Them So Successful

In such a fast paced, technology obsessed world, digital marketing is now the most efficient and engaging way to connect with consumers.
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The Top 3 Tools for Measuring Social Media Influence

With social media’s impact on both our personal and
professional lives growing by the day, it is not surprising that people have to
put so much weight on the amount of influence a person or company has within
the social media domain.
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Score yourself! What’s your social rating?

ever increasing popularity of social media as a personal and professional tool
has led to the inevitable creation of ratings tools, allowing you to link up
and monitor your social media channels and how well people engage with you on
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Top 10 Digital Tools for Acquiring New Customers

digital marketing tools

Acquiring new customers online may not be easier than
traditional methods, but there are plenty more opportunities and new tools at
your disposal.

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Digital Tools To Acquire New Customers

Image courtesy of Econsultancy.com Ltd

The age of digital has transformed the way many of us both
view and carry out marketing, and although it hasn’t made the uphill battle of
gaining new customers any less steep, it has given us more opportunities and
newer tools that can be used throughout the process.

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The Top 5 Most Popular Social Media Job Roles

Social media is taking over our lives, not only on a
personal level but on a business level too, as companies are finding the
benefits of harnessing the power of social media for marketing and promotional
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Social media job roles: What to expect

As social media fast becomes the go to
for digital advertising and marketing, and companies become aware of the time
consuming but beneficial nature of being active on various channels and
networks, in house social media based jobs and social media positions within
agencies are beginning to become more and more apparent.
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