Marketing eco system

Great illustration from Mullen which shows all the digital campaign
tools you could ever need!

The digital campaign
tools are broken down into specific categories:
  • Print 
  • Out of home 
  • Mobile devices
  • Experiential
  • Place-based
  • Audio-video 
  • Public relations
  • Direct marketing
  • And of course, online!
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Top 10 Digital Tools for Acquiring New Customers

digital marketing tools

Acquiring new customers online may not be easier than
traditional methods, but there are plenty more opportunities and new tools at
your disposal.

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Digital Tools To Acquire New Customers

Image courtesy of Ltd

The age of digital has transformed the way many of us both
view and carry out marketing, and although it hasn’t made the uphill battle of
gaining new customers any less steep, it has given us more opportunities and
newer tools that can be used throughout the process.

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Digital Mind Map

This is a great example of the digital world right now. This mind map from segments the digital marketing environment into 8 elements:

  1. Gain market and customer insights
  2. Increase conversions
  3. Get the latest digital news
  4. Google performance and Insight tools
  5. Online webinars for learning
  6. Digital marketing qualifications
  7. Catching user feedback on your website
  8. Find out what the community thinks

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Digital Media Debate

Earlier this week I attended the Digital Media Debate organized by the Worshipful Company of Marketors and the Worshipful Company of Stationers.… Read more -->