How to Start a WordPress Blog

Learn How to Start a WordPress Blog with the main steps and the differences between the versus


Running a blog can be an excellent way of achieving a wide range of marketing goals.… Read more -->

Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress?

I’m starting a blog, which
programme should I use?

Blogging is an essential part of any online
marketing strategy and when used effectively will drive traffic to your
website, promote interaction with your target audience and encourage other
users to share your content across the internet.
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Investigating the demographics of the readers of the world’s top blogs

Pingdom have carried out some research into who reads the world’s top
blogs which we found interesting:

  • The blog with the biggest share of older readers is The Caucus, with 25% of its readers being older than 64.
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3 Important Tools To Consider When Building An Online Community

An online community is a valuable resource for any business,
but is also one of the most difficult and time consuming to build and maintain.
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Useful tools for building an online community

An online community is one of the most
valuable online commodities a business can have, as it is a place where your
brand can both have a voice and give a voice to its customers.
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Blog 100

This is our 100th post which considering the average age of a blogger is around 3 months, we’re doing quite well.Read more -->

Blogs, podcasting – useful links

Many thanks to all who attended our workshop on Emarketing this morning. As promised, here are some useful links:

Directories more -->

Promoting blogs

I would like to promote my blog, are there any directories you know of?

There are a growing number of blog search engines including
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Blog feed

How do we add subscription feed to our blog?

We’ve just done this!

You add a chicklet [small icon indicating rss feed is available] which you can get from various websites including more -->

eMarketing Success

Thank you for attending the SucceSS breakfast meeting.

As promised, here are the useful links

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