Advantages and disadvantages of free blogging tools

If you’re starting a blog, you might find this evaluation of
different blogging tools useful.
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Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress?

I’m starting a blog, which
programme should I use?

Blogging is an essential part of any online
marketing strategy and when used effectively will drive traffic to your
website, promote interaction with your target audience and encourage other
users to share your content across the internet.
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5 UK Best Practice Blogs

As blogging in the UK becomes an ever more popular strategy
for businesses, and the industries become saturated with blog and content, it
is more important than ever to get the balance right and keep the content interesting.

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Blogging for Business: The what, why and how to

So as a marketing industry or business
professional you will have heard of and most likely seen blogs of all kinds.
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Tips and Tricks For Better Business Blogging

tips and tricks for blogging for business blogsBeware. Creating a blog for your business
and populating it with relevant and interesting content will not have an
instant return.
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“Cartoons can generate more sales for service businesses than a whole page of words”

Service businesses face special challenges and can be difficult to demonstrate. If you’re using any form of social media, such as blogging, the blogs can be less engaging as it’s mainly words, no images.Read more -->

Blog 100

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What could we use a blog for?

We’re thinking of starting a blog, but not sure what we could use it for. Some of our competitors have ‘diary blogs’ buy we’re not sure how useful these are.Read more -->