3 Important Tools To Consider When Building An Online Community

An online community is a valuable resource for any business,
but is also one of the most difficult and time consuming to build and maintain.
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Useful tools for building an online community

An online community is one of the most
valuable online commodities a business can have, as it is a place where your
brand can both have a voice and give a voice to its customers.
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Blogger blog post footers

Can I automatically add text / footer to the bottom of every blog article?
Yes, you need to login to your blog.
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Adding YouTube Videos to Bloggers

How do I add a video from YouTube to my blog (I use Blogger)?

  • Log in to your blog and go to the Dashboard
  • Choose Layout
  • Page Elements
  • Add a Gadget
  • Choose the Video Bar gadget
  • Choose a title for your video
  • Enter the keywords for your video
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Scheduling Blog Articles

How do I schedule blog articles for Blogger?

We mentioned in a previous blog article that Blogger has a feature that allows you to schedule blog posts.… Read more -->

Slideshows on Blogger

How to I add a slideshow to Blogger?

You will need to use Photobucket, Picasa or Flickr with Blogger to do this.… Read more -->

Blogger launches scheduled blogs

We’re big fans of Blogger, Google’s free blog engine – this is the system we use for our posts on this blog.… Read more -->

Password Protect Your Blog

Can I password protect my blog?

Yes. You can password protect your blog so only those who know the password can read it.… Read more -->