How to Build a Consistent Blog

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How to Make Your WordPress Blog a Success

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Advantages and disadvantages of free blogging tools

If you’re starting a blog, you might find this evaluation of
different blogging tools useful.
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5 UK Best Practice Blogs

As blogging in the UK becomes an ever more popular strategy
for businesses, and the industries become saturated with blog and content, it
is more important than ever to get the balance right and keep the content interesting.

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Blogging for Business: The what, why and how to

So as a marketing industry or business
professional you will have heard of and most likely seen blogs of all kinds.
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Adding YouTube Videos to Bloggers

How do I add a video from YouTube to my blog (I use Blogger)?

  • Log in to your blog and go to the Dashboard
  • Choose Layout
  • Page Elements
  • Add a Gadget
  • Choose the Video Bar gadget
  • Choose a title for your video
  • Enter the keywords for your video
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Adding a feed from the B2B Marketing blog to your own blog

How do I add a feed from your blog (B2B Marketing) to my blog?

This is quick and easy to do:

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Adding an RSS feed to your blog

How do I add an RSS feed to my blog?

Add an RSS feed to your blog to allow visitors to subscribe to your blog posts.… Read more -->

Blog time

We’re thinking of setting up a blog, but we’re not sure how much time to allocate to it. How long does it take you to manage your blog?Read more -->

Promoting Blogs Update

Update on promoting blogs

James Cahill suggested the following:

There are lots of other blog promoters that you can use some of them are:,… Read more -->