Mashable’s 3rd Annual Open Web Awards – Social Media

Mashable’s 3rd annual Open Web Awards online competition is All you need to do is login and vote. You can vote once every day up until 15th November 2009.… Read more -->

Marketing Awards

I’m looking for some marketing awards – can you point me in the right direction?

Yes, the CIM provide a list along with closing dates.… Read more -->

ICT Excellence Awards

Should we enter our company for the ICT Excellence Awards?

The ICT Excellence Awards were originally designed to recognise and showcase the talents of West Midlands ICT businesses.… Read more -->

Work rewired – great places to work

Where can I find great places to work?

Asking friends and family is a good place to start and looking at companies you admire.… Read more -->

Award winning businesses

One way to get recognised is to win awards.

Winning awards gives you

  • Press coverage that you often don’t need to organise
  • A difference between you and your competitors
  • Reassurance to your clients that they’ve made the right decisions
  • Credibility in your sector and wider area

The hard work is identifying and applying for the awards.… Read more -->