Do Live Chat Bots Benefit Businesses?


With more businesses adopting live chat, find out how this helps businesses.

How do Live Chat Bots Benefit Businesses?

For most consumers, the most frustrating thing that can happen when they interact with a brand is having to wait. Being put on hold, waiting for an email reply, waiting to speak to a live person on the other end of the phone. All of these things can quickly tank whatever goodwill you’ve built up. Chat bots have come a long way since their first iterations in the late 90s and early 2000s, and now they’re sophisticated enough to provide consumers with real help when they most need it. So just what kinds of benefits do chat bots provide?


Chat Bots free-up Human Work Hours

For companies that use live chat bots, one of the major advantages is the ability to free up workers for other tasks. If you find that you’re receiving many customer requests for the same kinds of information, then there’s potential for a chat bot to take care of those questions, much more quickly and cheaply than a human worker can do. When a live chat bot is programmed in the right way, it can freely answer consumer questions, and take appropriate action when it’s asked a question it can’t answer.

One example of this is the Philippines company Globe Telecom, which developed a bot known as Gie. When users ask Gie for help, the bot provides answers to simple, common questions. But Gie also knows that when a consumer asks a question for which it doesn’t have the answer, the bot can ask a human on the support team for the answer, and then relay that answer to the consumer.

Use of the bot produced some excellent results for Globe Telecom: increased customer satisfaction, a 50% reduction in calls to the company’s hotline, and a projected 10% savings in customer service costs—all within the first year of launching Gie.


Chat Bots Monitor multiple communication channels at the same time

Chat bots can be a real boon for websites, but they can work on a much wider scale too. For instance, chat bot provider Unisend’s application works across a total of 29 different communication channels, all seamlessly integrated into one chat bot application. The bot can monitor and reply to messages on Facebook, SMS, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, and two dozen other different channels, all from within the same app. What’s more, their customers achieve an average open rate of 84.8% and an average click rate of 53.7%, indicating a very high level of engagement with the chat bot.


Chat Bots deliver Instant customer service, any time of the day

Currently the most-often used methods of communication for consumers are typically phone and email, both of which can involve a considerable outlay of time, whether it’s spent on hold or waiting for an email reply.

Live chat bots are the ideal alternative to reduce or eliminate the frustration that waiting causes. Teach a chat bot to reply to some of the most common questions a consumer is likely to ask, and it’s a much quicker, cheaper, and more satisfying way of helping people get the answers they need.

Best of all, once a chat bot is up and running, it continues to do the job it’s been told to do, 24/7, until it’s told to do something else. It works both in and out of business hours, and on weekends, providing instant service for any customer who needs it.

The irony of the chat bot is that by inserting a software and machine-driven “personality” into the customer service mix, it’s possible to improve customer satisfaction by a significant amount—even though people in general prefer to interact with live CS reps when they have a problem or question—because the use of a chat bot helps to vastly cut down on problems such as waiting in phone queues and on hold, eliminating an even greater source of frustration for the average consumer.


Results can be measured with a range of new tools emerging, such as Botanalytics 

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