Most Instagrammed landmarks

Ever wondered which landmarks gain greatest attention?

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media websites/apps in the world, allowing users to share pictures and videos publicly or privately, with around 700 million active monthly users (As of April 2017) and a total of approximately 40 billion photos uploaded to date, which equates to around 95 million per day. Instagram originally launched in 2010 as an app exclusively for the iOS operating system, with the android version not being released until two years later. It was an insta-hit (We just had to…) and took a mere two months to hit its first 1 million users and well the rest is history.

Today, Instagram is the modern day equivalent of the old photo books your mum used to pull out whenever your relatives were visiting for the holidays, packed with selfies, pictures of your pets and of course holiday photos! If at least one of your holiday photos isn’t on Instagram, then did you really go? In this day and age, the answer from most would be “No”. Whether it’s a picture of an iconic landmark, you on the beach or just a shot from the plane window, we’ve all seen (and envied) those beautiful, sunny, holiday snaps. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself just how many pictures there are on Instagram, depicting pretty much the same picture, except many from a slightly different angle…? Well, Meadows Farm Studios did too and so they decided to take a look at a few iconic landmarks from around the world and see just how often they’re posted to Instagram. Find out which landmarks made into onto the list and maybe even take a look at the ones that they didn’t include yourself, you might be surprised just how many photos there are online.

This infographic reveals some of the top ‘Instagrammed’ landmarks around the world, from France’s Eiffel Tower amassing a huge 3.6 million posts (And that’s just those using the #EiffelTower hashtag) to Bulgaria’s little known Alexander Nevsky Cathedral drawing in a smaller 7.8K posts (Again, this is only the ones with the #AlexanderNevsky hashtag). Check out the other sites and see which landmark’s you know and maybe, if you’re lucky enough to travel, which ones you’ve posted on your own Instagram!

So next time you go on holiday, don’t forget to get a picture of a landmark or two, and make sure you post them! Otherwise we won’t know you’ve been anywhere.

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